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June 22, 2024

A Must Read Epic Fantasy: The Rise of Yezurkstal by Joseph P. Macolino


A Must Read Epic Fantasy: The Rise of Yezurkstal by author Joseph P. Macolino

St. Petersburg, FL, July 3, 2023 ( – Joseph P. Macolino, author of The Birth of Death¸ has announced the long-awaited sequel to his epic fantasy world of Evorath, The Rise of Yezurkstal. The second novel in this trilogy transports readers back to the vivid and expansive fantasy world of Evorath, where the malevolent evil Yezurkstal is gaining new power. Macolino focuses much of his efforts on worldbuilding, introducing a world full of diverse, three dimensional characters that develop throughout these stories.

Book cover of The Rise of Yezurkstal

In Book #1, The Birth of Death, readers were introduced to an ensemble of fascinating characters, including a centaur warrior, Irontail, who was beginning to question the wisdom of his elders. When Yezurkstal, a dark elf determined to reshape the world in his image, begins his advance, Irontail is introduced to an ensemble of heroes to help preserve all they hold dear.

One year after forcing their enemy to retreat, The Rise of Yezurkstal ups the stakes when the villain creates a new spell bringing humanity to Evorath. A young shapeshifter from an ancient race, Zelag, finds his village destroyed by these invaders. But after being rescued by Evorath’s Avatar, he must team up with Irontail and the other heroes to prevent Yezurkstal from enslaving these humans and using them for his twisted plan.

Early reviews for The Rise of Yezurkstal include a 5-star Reader’s Favorite recognition, and these reviews praise how the world of Evorath grows even more vivid and rich. Citing video game influences like Final Fantasy and Elder Scrolls, readers of Macolino’s work have offered comparisons to other epic fantasy worlds like The Lord of the Rings and Game of Thrones. While inclusive of elves, dwarves, and other fantasy staples, the inclusion of a vast array of other mythological creatures is sure to be welcome for anyone who enjoys fairy tales and myths.

Unlike many fantasy stories, which provide larger-than-life heroes, the characters in Evorath are notable for their flaws. While they grapple with their own shortcomings, they must face a world filled with injustice. With no shortage of thrilling adventure, tremendous magic, and gritty battles, this story also provides a message of hope.

Despite their vast differences, the heroes of Evorath provide a story that demonstrates great strength in diversity and provides hope for the future of the world.   

The first installment of the series, The Birth of Death, can be purchased on or wherever books are sold. The Rise of Yezurkstal is currently available for preorder on and scheduled for full release on July 11, 2023. Additional sequels are in development.

Book covers of The Birth of Death and The Rise of Yezurkstal

Joseph P. Macolino is a fantasy author, father, husband, and follower of Christ. He dreams of a truly cooperative society for all where people can voluntarily interact and exchange ideas. Having been influenced by Greek and Norse mythology and video games like Final Fantasy since young, Macolino dedicated more time into studying mythology to create a well-written novel. He hopes that his work will inspire others to embrace their unique gifts and give back to their communities. When he isn’t writing, Macolino enjoys gardening, spending time with his family, and reading. For more information, visit him online at